The Pinnacle@Duxton

 The first Pinnacle@Duxton project opened on 3 September 2009 and was completed in October 2012. It has won two design awards, including the best tall building award in Asia and Australasia. According to Channel News Asia, the project has the highest average unit price among new HDB flats. There are seven buildings at Pinnacle@Duxton, linked by sky bridges. The development is set to be one of the most expensive in the world when it opens in December.

The Pinnacle@Duxton

It has been called a landmark development in the city-state. In 2004, it was launched with a grand opening ceremony that was attended by the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew. The new towers were designed by two local architectural firms. They were reminiscent of the old public housing estates, including Tanjong Pagar. The buildings' design is a tribute to its history and is home to the tallest sky gardens in the world, linked by 500-meter-long sky bridges.

Those who bought the apartments at Pinnacle@Duxton said that they chose the property because of its convenient location. Its prices are high, but buyers say that the convenience is worth it. With 102 million dollar flats in central Singapore, the Pinnacle@Duxton has been ranked as the third most expensive in Singapore. Listed below are some of its key features. Once you've checked out the Pinnacle@Duxton- Straits Times, you'll understand why it's so popular.

The site is an iconic site for a new building. In 1960, the People's Association built the Community Club at Duxton Plain and it is still the most expensive HDB unit in the country. The building's design incorporated the existing Community Club adjacent to it. In 2007, the People's Association built an adjacent Community Club. The area was once known for its historic significance. A recent landmark, the pinnacle@Duxton- Straits Times, is now a modern landmark.

The first phase of the development is a public park. The park was developed in 1964 and is now an elevated observation deck and event space. The building has two sky bridges, which cost $6 each to enter. In addition, the towers also have an observation deck and event room at the 50th floor. The entire complex was damaged by the heat and smoke. If the fire has spread to another part of the building, it will burn down the entire apartment.

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