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The Ministry of Manpower has been a department of the Government of Singapore that is responsible for the formulated and execution of labor policies pertaining to the manpower in Singapore. Prior to 1998, the name of this department was changed to the Ministry of Economic and Social Harmony. In this regard, the current ministry is also called Ministry of Labor. Since 1998, the name of Ministry of Labor has been changed to that of Ministry of Social and Family Development.

As per the records, the Ministry of Labor has been responsible for the implementation of some of the key social policies in Singapore including the National Health System and the National Education System. This department is also responsible for the implementation of Singapore's Paid Parental Leave scheme. This scheme provides paid leave for parents who are not in employment and for those who are under the age of sixty five years old who have been registered and eligible to receive Social Security benefits. Other major activities of the Ministry of Labor include the formulation and revision of policy on occupational hazards, establishment and maintenance of occupational safety and health, training in occupational health and occupational therapy, guidelines for occupational rehabilitation, occupational education and training in safety and health, and establishment of industrial accident compensation schemes. It also deals with the registration and annulment of occupational claims. Apart from these activities, the ministry is also accountable to ensure that the minimum requirements of the law are met by all persons engaged in the various trades and industries of The Straits times Singapore.

All the relevant information about the manpower and the employers can be found in the manual that comes with the ministry's website. The manual contains the rules and regulations pertaining to recruitment and labor, supervision and training, occupational health and safety, industrial accident compensation, occupational therapy, and remuneration and wages. This manual is also accessible through the Internet. While the manual does not provide the details of the qualifications, experience and other skills and qualifications of the prospective employees, it can help the employer and the employee match each other. Some of the topics covered in the manual are the definition of the word 'personnel' or 'employee', different classification of workers, their rights and duties, and other rules and regulations for Singapore employers and Singapore workers.

Apart from the manual, there are several contact support tools that the ministry has developed over the years. One is the Telephonic Service which is specifically meant for the use of the general public, private sector and businesses to contact the ministry for any of their queries. The service also includes toll free numbers for those who are outside Singapore and are looking for labor or employment opportunities in Singapore. Another service of the ministry is the online recruitment which has several web sites providing the details of jobs in various industries in Singapore.

Apart from the manual and the online resource, the ministry also has its own portal where the employers and the staffs of the Ministry of Manpower can register their website address and can post their job offers. This service has helped many employers reach out to the right manpower. Another popular service of the ministry is the Orientation and Training Programs. This program is designed by the human resources of the ministry along with a number of companies and business enterprises. The aim of this program is to introduce the new staffs to their work surroundings and to prepare them for their working environment.

If you are looking for a manpower provider in Singapore then all you need to do is check out the websites of the ministries, check out their services and make your choice from amongst the numerous organizations that are registered with the ministry. If you want to know more about these services or if you want to know about the background of some of these organizations, then you can contact us or visit our Singapore office and talk to us directly. By talking to us, you can find out about the authenticity of the organizations and you can also get more information about the various services and amenities that are being offered by the organization.

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