Dude Perfect - Straits Perfect Videos

 Dude Perfect - Straits times Perfect is a Vlogger that has some very unique videos. The first is a video in which Youtuber Eric Bachman (of Scroogiest) gives some tips on how to get the "it" look. He shows some great steps like tying in those cool straight-legs but ends up showing people an embarrassing moment where he actually puts one of his "perfect" sunglasses on backwards. It's funny, and interesting to watch, but at the same time it makes you realize that if you have this look, no one else really knows how to achieve it!

Youtube Vlogger

Another vlog by Dude Perfect - Straits Perfect shows how to make use of vlogs to make more money, in this case, selling ads on Vlogger channels. Eric uses a tutorial video for a tutorial on how to make a sales pitch effectively on YouTube. Although the sales pitch he makes is short and to the point, it still gets the point across and he gets paid!

These two vlogs are my favorite ones from Dude Perfect - Straits Perfect. You can tell that the guy making them is having fun and putting in lots of effort to create these videos. While they may not pay very much, they do show off his personality and have a lot of fun doing them. I'm a big fan of Youtuber Eric Bachman. If you have the time, check out his videos on Vlogger as well as his Dude Perfect - Straits Perfect series.

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